Mazraat Yachoua, Elissar, Lebanon Street, Building no. 6, 2nd Floor.


"Love cannot remain by itself—it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action and that action is service."
- Mother Teresa

Retreat 2022photo

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Retreat 2022

Aug 2022

A chance to strengthen relationships & bonds, create unity, get feedback, refine vision, and improve our service…

Christmas Event 2021photo

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Christmas Event 2021

Dec 2021

Despite the hard times our community in Lebanon is passing through, Spread Life aims to make the season a little brighter!

Easter 2021 photo

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Easter 2021

May 2021

God invited us to visit households that need some essentials at home...

Spread Joy Christmas Event 2020photo

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Spread Joy Christmas Event 2020

Dec 2020

Spread Life tolled out two initiatives during Christmas 2020...