Mazraat Yachoua, Elissar, Lebanon Street, Building no. 6, 2nd Floor.
About Us

Who are we?

We are an independent non-profit organization spreading God’s love to our communities and offering a hand of help to those in need.


Our Story

The story began back in 2015 when Elie Raheb-Khallo and Dr. Jad Mrad took a personal initiative in providing medicine and spreading the word of Jesus to four families in Mount Lebanon district. The initiative was welcomed by a devoted donors who contributed in expanding Spread Life mission to more families in need. By the end of 2018, Spread Life was providing medical care to more than 50 families and simultaneously growing the number of stewards who were called by the message of God and the mission to spread joy and love.

In September 2019, God revealed a new mission and with the set-up of a dedicated kitchen in Cornet el Hamra, Spread Life started providing daily meals for those in need of someone to help them cook. With the increase of poverty and unemployment in Lebanon, God also called our servants to initiate the Pantry program entitling beneficiaries to attain a monthly food subsidy.

Today, Spread Life serves more than 160 families & 430 individuals distributed in Beirut, Mount Lebanon and Keserwan Districts and our service continue to grow to cater the needs of the poor and oppressed.


To Spread God’s Love
to the Oppressed

Offer a Hand of Life
to the Hopeless


Our Mission


Spread Life mission is to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in serving the most vulnerable children, teens, and families of all races, ethnicities and faiths.
Our mission is to restore hope through promoting social justice and community development in Lebanon and neighbouring countries.

We pursue this mission through an integrated and holistic commitment to:

  • Social Responsibility because we believe that we are responsible to develop our community.
  • Faith because we believe that God is our motivator to carry on his message through our dedication and service.
  • Integrity because we believe that transparency and ethics are the basis of our service.
  • Teamwork because we believe that together we can build resilience and be responsive.

Meet The Team!


Elie Raheb-Khallo

Board Member – Executive Director

Dr.Jad Mrad

Board Member – Medical Director

Christine Dahdah

Board Member

Mary Kello

Financial Controller

Anna Fahd Sakr

Legal Consultant

Elias El Saardi

HR and Organizational Development Consultant

Viviane Moukhtar

Account Officer

Hani Moukhtar

Account Officer

Chakeh Hajjar Saadeh


Jack Dolmayeh

Field Officer

Steve Bechara

Field Officer - Mount Lebanon District 2

Chef Amal Chamii

Main Chef

Chef Simon Chamii

Assistant Chef

Georges About Sleiman

Transporation Services (Pantry Program)

Issam Eid

Transportation Services (Kitchen Program)

Rodi Chamii

Web & Social Media Management