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Christmas Event 2020

Spread Life tolled out two initiatives during Christmas 2020 extending the warm and love of this special occasion to our community in Lebanon.
The First Initiative was conducted in collaboration with Bet Tarbitho* and targeted their established youth programs that are dedicated to spread the message of Jesus Christ to various groups of different ages; the Sunday School Group, Pre-Youth Group, and the Youth Group.

Despite the COVID-19 challenge and with God’s blessings, Spread Life and Bet Tarbitho* stewards visited the homes of the children and organized a Sunday mass held at Saint Mary Church in which 150 gift tokens were distributed to spread the joy and blessing of Christmas.

Group of Bet Tarbitho* and Spread Life servants visited children’s house and presented token gifts for each child to be spent on his own desire on Christmas in order to bring Joy at this very special event.

The Youth Group chose to attend a mass held at Saint Mary Church, Bourj Hammoud, prior to distributing the tokens among group members.

The Second Initiative was the preparation and delivery of Christmas Dinner boxes to 30 families in need to celebrate the joy of the newly born Jesus Christ.

These projects aimed for spreading God’s love and God’s care at a very special time of the year, and offering hope in the midst of the various challenges facing Lebanon.

*The Center of Religious Education at the Syriac Orthodox Church in Lebanon

Spread Life and Bet Tarbitho extend their gratitude to all the donors from USA, Sweden, Netherlands and Lebanon who made these events possible with their good will contribution and who share and believe in Spread Life’s mission.