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Christmas Event 2021

Despite the hard times our community in Lebanon is passing through, Spread Life aims to make the season a little brighter!

The First Initiative was organized in collaboration with Bet Tarbitho*, several events took place targeting its different youth programs, Spreading God's Joy to more than 130 Youth.

The Sunday School did an all-day event gathering children of different ages - ranging from 4 to 10 - where they celebrated Christmas together and enjoyed special activities: Prayers, Hymns, The Christmas story, Magic Show, Meals, etc...

Gadoude Group - Pre Youth, age 11 to 14 - visited the Syriac patriarchate and enjoyed their time together in an all-day event as well.

While the Chabibe arranged a special night outing for their youths - age 15 to 17 - filled with prayers, sharing groups, and much fun!

The Second Initiative reached the needy families of Lebanon, more than 100 families were visited and presented with utilities to help during the frequent power cuts, along with humble cash amounts to cover their living expenses.

A Big Thanks from Spread Life servants to all donors who supported and believed in our Christmas Mission. Spread Life, Spread Joy!