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Monthly Prayer meetings - Bet Tarbitho

Recurring Monthly

As part of its spiritual mission, Spread Life has collaborated with Bet Tarbitho, a Syriac Orthodox Spiritual Education Organization in the Church, to organize monthly prayer meetings.

These meetings are designed to provide families with a space to come together and connect with one another, while also receiving guidance and support on how to live a true Christian life in the midst of the societal crises that surround them.

The meetings are led by a committee of experienced and knowledgeable individuals who are passionate about helping families overcome the challenges they face. The committee prepares a pre-defined schedule of talks that address practical measures and strategies for living a Christian life.

The meetings also offer families the opportunity to connect with each other and provide a space to come together and build new relationships strengthening their connections with one another and with the church community.

After each meeting, families are invited to stay for a light dinner, which is prepared by Spread Life Kitchen.

Overall, the monthly prayer meetings are a vital part of Spread Life's mission and vision.

By providing families with guidance, support, and community, Spread Life is helping them to navigate the challenges of life with grace and faith. Spread Life looks forward to continuing this important work in the year ahead, and to expanding its services to reach even more families in need.